Category: Personal
Tags: #monthly-review
Published: 2019-12-01

Monthly Review for November 2019

What Went Well

What I Need To Improve

How I Did On My Goals for November

Go to the gym 5x a week

I was completely on track for this goal until a week ago where I ended up with a stomach virus that took me out of the game for a while. The upside of this was that I was unable to eat for 2 days, after which, I had the same effects as fasting. I used that as a jumping off point and have been eating super clean for the past week. So, the last week aside, I hit this goal.


As listed in the what went well section, this was a huge win. I dedicated a couple of hours to switching back to Todoist. Part of my challenge is that I use multiple apps to track daily workflow. Zendesk for ticket management, Manifestly for checklists, my internal software for managing product development etc. It was becoming increasingly difficult to make sure each of these items were fully processed on the days needed. To fix this, I created a meta list to track each major item. Using it has been a huge success. I now have 3 daily routines that keep me on track. My morning priming routine, my morning business meta list and my evening close out routine.


In order to be consistent, this goal will never be possible until I find a reliable weekly time in my schedule. This is the month I'm gonna make that happen.

Goals for December