Category: Personal
Tags: #mindfulness #meditation
Published: 2020-07-08

Mindfullness and Intentionality

Mind-full, but, what is your mind full of? You can't be mindful if you haven't declared an intention. The concept of Ester Hicks/Abraham has always sounded a little batshit to me but, they do say some very meaningful things. One of them that registered with me is on "segment intending" which basically refers to declaring your intention for an upcoming segment of time, such as:

"During my walk to the coffee shop, wouldn't it be nice if I listened to the birds and paid attention to my steps."

"During this meeting, wouldn't it be nice if I was as present as possible for everyone that was speaking and took amazing notes."

"During my drive home, wouldn't it be nice if I listened to some music and relaxed."

The practice of meditation is learning to notice when you have strayed from what you are focusing then, quickly and gently coming back to it. It's the gym for daily mindfulness. It's much easier to put this into practice if throughout the day if you declare what your focus is ahead of time.