Category: Personal
Tags: #hardware #ducky-keyboard
Published: 2020-03-24

Ducky One2 SF Mac Issues

In the 90s, I was always very particular about my keyboards, opting for a certain NCR brand then transitioning to the microsoft ergonomic for many years. When I started spending much more time on my macbook, the chicklet style keyboard started to be the norm so using a wireless version with the same feel was pretty much just more of the same. I decided that I needed more feedback from my keyboard and started researching. Once I learned obout the different mechanical switches, Ducky seemed like a pretty good brand choice. I'm typing this on it right now and the sound, pressure and feedback are just about perfect. Its definitely a quality upgrade in the hardware department. I can't imagine possibly ever needing any of the coloured lighting settings but, thats just a personal preference.

Now, on to the issue..

Thus far I've had 2 very different and annoying things happen.

  1. The keyboard went to sleep with no lights on and wouldn't wake up.
  2. The keyboard went to sleep with one row of lights on and wouldn't wake up.

The timing of each seemed random. Sometimes it happened when the computer went to sleep. Sometimes not.

The only solution to either problem was to unplug/replug in the keyboard.

After a bunch of research, the magic solution was as follows:

Hold Fn + Alt + P until the lights on the keyboard change (about 3 seconds). Type: 05AC024F Unplug/replug in the keyboard.

Apparently this changes the vendor ID of the keyboard so that the Mac thinks its an Apple keyboard.


*** Make sure that DIP switch 3 is set to the ON position for this to work.